Updated May 9, 2017

Health & Safety:

  • All walkways and halls are to be kept clear at all times.

  • Tenants will familiarize themselves with the locations of the fire extinguishers throughout 2nd floor space.

    • At top of stairs outside studio 202

    • By the hallway sink near studio 208

    • Outside studio 210

    • Right next to the men's restroom in the common area

  • The hall sink is for drinking water only.

  • Restroom sinks are for hands.

  • The utility sink is for art cleanup of water based brushes/tools/rags only.

  • All rags, cloths and paper towels containing oil-based paint and/or thinner must be properly disposed of on a regular basis as per the Toxic Waste Addendum.

  • Any oil based brush/tools/rag cleanup or dumping must be done off site. No oil based brushes/tools/rags may be cleaned using any of the sinks on the premises.

  • The last Artist/Tenant leaving the building for the day must turn off all hall lights with the exception of the front stair light. This person must also make sure the front outside door of 1700A is locked.

  • The rear 2nd floor entryway door to our facility is to stay locked at all times.

  • Facility and studio keys are assigned to Tenants only. Guests of Artists/Tenants may work in or use studios only if the Artist/Tenant is present, unless prior arrangements have been made through the Site Manager.

  • No sleeping overnight is allowed on the Art Bias premises.

  • Quiet pets may be kept in studios with doors closed as long as Artist/Tenant is present. All pets must be on a leash in the halls and common areas; this includes entering and exiting the facilities.


  • Artists’/Tenants’ work, materials, debris, etc. will be kept within their own studios and not in the Art Bias storage areas. Short-term exceptions may be made during large open studio events with prior permission from the Site Manager. All temporarily stored items must be removed by the agreed upon deadline.

  • All electrical appliances, tools and extension cords must be unplugged before Artists/Tenants leave their studio unless a fuse strip is used.

  • No cosmetic or structural studio changes may be made without prior approval as stipulated in the Lease agreement.

  • No portable heaters or hot plates are allowed in the Art Bias facilities.

  • Artists/Tenants must take all studio garbage home for disposal on a regular basis to prevent ants and other pests.

  • No dumping of personal or studio trash into utility room or restroom trash cans. We do not have trash service.

  • All Artists/Tenants will display their name and studio number at the entrance to their studio.

  • Studios will not be lit when unoccupied.

  • Artists/Tenants must turn off the fan/heat/AC in their individual zones when leaving for the day.

Clean up:

  • All restrooms, and sinks will be kept clean at all times.

  • Artist/Tenants with windows in their studios are required to keep the inside glass clean.

  • The community refrigerator is for everyone to use. However, food must be removed at the end of the week it is placed in the refrigerator.

  • Artist/Tenants will make sure the microwave and counters are clean and free of food after usage.

In general:

  • Noise will be kept to a minimum.

  • Artists/Tenants will be respectful to each other and act in a professional and appropriate manner at all times.

  • Tables in the common area may be reserved ahead for teaching/group meetings or larger projects by signing up on the calendar located in the common area.

  • Giveaways may only be placed on the community tables with prior approval from the Site Manager. Tenants will be responsible for removing and disposing of giveaways at the predetermined time set with the Site Manager.

  • Because we are open to all ages of community members, the Board, or the advisory hall committee acting on behalf of the Board, may choose to remove Artist/Tenant art from the halls at its discretion in accordance with the Lease.

  • All art provided for hallway display must be wired for hanging, be tasteful and look professional.

  • Artists/Tenants are responsible for their students' and guests' adherence to the House Rules.

  • Any issues or concerns with fellow Tenants or your tenancy should be submitted in writing to either the Site Manager or the Board.