Studio Rental

Art Bias has 33 studios available for rent, ranging in size from 66sf to 810sf, with the most common size being around 120-150sf. Some studios have windows or skylights.

The Art Bias studios are intended for active artists. Our interest is in maintaining a thriving community of artists who will participate in events such as open studios and share their experience, expertise, and camaraderie with fellow artists both within the building and in the local community.

Currently there is a waiting list for studio rental. If you are interested in joining the wait list, please submit an application.

Details about studio rentals:

What are the sizes of the studios?
The studio sizes range from 66 sq ft to 810 sq ft, with the most common size being around 120-150 sq ft. Please see the studio map for available studios and their respective square footage.

What is the monthly rent on the studios?
The pricing is currently at $3.06/sq ft. Some studios carry additional premiums due to natural lighting or other factors.

Are there any additional fees?

  • There is a $50 annual fee to pay for a cleaning service, bathroom supplies, etc.

  • There is a one time $50 non-refundable jury fee during the application process.

  • There is an additional $25 monthly fee for studios that have skylights, windows or sinks.

How long is the wait list?
Time on the waitlist can vary from a month to a year or more. To greatly decrease your time on the list we suggest:

  • Answering emails or calls from our site manager as soon as you receive them. Available studios move quickly.

  • Being willing to "get in" to a studio even if it isn't your favorite space. Newly opened spaces are offered to tenants first, then the wait list. You will have opportunities to upgrade if needed.

Which studios have skylights?
#202, #203, #204, #205

Which studios have windows to the outside?
#212, #214, #216, #217, #219, #220, #225, #226, #229, #230, #231, #232, #233

Which studios have sinks?

Are utilities included in the rent?
Currently heat, air conditioning & hot water are included at no additional charge.

What type of lease agreement is used?
The lease is month to month.

Can I share a studio with someone?
Absolutely! This can be a wonderful way to make the space affordable and inspire creativity. We just ask that each person sharing the studio also signs the lease.

Do you require a deposit?
Security deposit is one month’s rent and will be returned when you leave if the studio is in as good a shape as when you signed the lease.

What hours will I have access to the studio?
All artists will have 24/7 access. All the artists are responsible to make sure the building is locked up if they are the last to leave.

Are there security measures in place?
We have security cameras inside each of our entrances and the building owners have a state of the art system that covers all the outside areas including our entrance.

Is there parking?
Free parking is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on the local side streets, Bing especially. On weekends and after 5pm on weekdays, free parking is available in the front of the building, in front of the building adjacent to the south of us on Industrial Rd. and on the side streets. You may double park or park in the front lot for loading and unloading, but please move your vehicle as soon as possible if it is during regular business hours.

What about insurance?
There is no insurance provided by Art Bias. Each artist is responsible for their own studio space. Art Bias is also not responsible for any art in the halls.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
We have Wi-Fi internet at no extra cost to the artists.

What are the house rules?
Some of our biggest house rules are "clean oil brushes & supplies offsite", "no living in the studios", "no space heaters or any other heating device" and "clean up in the utility sink only". For a more complete list, please see the House Rules page.

What art media are accepted?
We welcome all media with the exception of those requiring heavy equipment or ventilation, such as welding, woodworking and kiln work.

Is there a portfolio review required? If so, what is the process?
Yes. There is also a one time, non-refundable $50 jury fee paid at the time of applying for a studio. Please contact us with more specific questions regarding portfolio requirements.

I have additional questions. Who do I contact?
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